Thursday, September 11, 2014

Space Exploration

These pics are from my summertime

Tumblr trawling.

Sorry to all, no attributions here again.

It goes without saying I wouldn't post them if they weren't

wonderful pictures.  I'm happy to credit any photographer

who wants to come claim their photos.

These are spaces I'd love to invade.  You?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

There's a Pattern Here.......

at Passage Paradis.......

of not posting pics like this

for quite some time!

Have you missed them?


certainly have.

Delicious repetitions!

(Most of these pics come from "The Poetry of Material Things" and "Rhubarb in the Garden")

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Latest Blog Discovery - My Attic

You know how I love color.

"Color" should be my middle name I think, sometimes.

Have I mentioned my love of pattern also?  (I think I might have.)

and the natural world?

Miniatures and paper-and-cardboard?




Yve Klein blue?

So how could I not adore "My Attic"?  (All pics via My Attic.)  You might too.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tumblr Goodies

For the end of the first week of September 2014......some all- around-the web takings
(Sorry I did not keep track of the sources for many of these.  Come claim them?)

a flowery

farewell to summer.

Anybody have a summer that looked anything like any of these pictures?

If yes, lucky lucky you.

(le bord dore des nuages coucou Beatrice!)

For the rest of us

we can dream.

(Newfoundland, Anthony Lanzilote for the New York Times)

 Escaping into someone else's world can be pretty low-impact.

  It sometimes suits me down to the ground.

Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gleaning In: The Remains of a Season, it's little Triumphs and Rewards

Since I was so busy with major projects this summer, it was in between the jobs and the errands that little miracles and serendipities presented themselves.  

As some of you already know, the trick is to be open to the moment.  At our only visit to the Hollywood farmer's market this summer, a glimpse gleaned  of what we'd been previously missing.

From an arid and unlovely part of the San Fernando Valley (up the road from a landfill and across the street from an industrial metal supplies warehouse): a large stainless steel fish poacher gleaned (for 6 dollars!) from a junk shop full of giant plaster Marilyn Monroes and crippled limbless chandeliers.

(Now I just need to glean a big pike or a salmon?)

Back at the greenmarket: undreamed-of geometries.

This guy wasn't sure if he wanted me to take a picture of him.  But he lingered.  I might have gleaned a piece of his soul but I will handle it respectfully.

Behind the market some rumpled English people were clearing out a building and offering chairs-desks-cabinets for sale.  This picnic basket sitting among the office furnishings: also only six dollars!  Well I had to  glean it.  No?

Going to the market late when people are ready to pack up again, yields bargains.  (A favorite strategy of mine, though I am a natural straggler anyway.)

These zinnias: three dollars!  The last lot on the table!  (Grown at Silver Lake Farms in my own neighborhood.)  Little things can mean glean a lot.

I think I always have been and always will be an enthusiastic gleaner, inspired by my frugal Chinese mother and the marvelous Agnes Varda's film, "The Gleaner's and I" (and the Napoleonic code).  The eureka moments of gleaning are always sweet.  But especially so in golden summer light.

It feels like the the universe's way of rewarding us for our patience and our toil all the other days of the year.

Any other gleaners out there?  

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer's End

Someone else's summers looked like this.

Lucky all of you.

Could it be they were the best moments of the year?

 (Posie Gets Cosy these last two pics)

Well some of the year's best, surely.

When you really think about it

 (These last two: Junkaholique)

It's all about sunshine, the tastes of sunshine

And those little moments of perfection.  Thanks to all for sharing theirs.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Night and Market Song - Between Echo Park and Silver Lake

Hungry?  We've got you covered.

Night and Market Song.  Solid, sweet, super fresh, chili-spiked

Thai soul food.

Hot, hot ambiance.

It is likely to expand your gastronomic horizons.

At least by your second visit - which is more or less guaranteed!

Happy Weekend!