Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mission. Sunshine. SF's Best Neighborhood in Two or More Parts.........

You need color, don't you?




I said "sunny",  right?

You are in the Mission, San Francisco.

A place very different from anywhere you have been before.

(That is, unless, you caught my previous Mission posts.)   Full of personality.

Even if we're just talking about bookstores.......


Tour books will always describe a place as "vibrant".  Which always seems to end up being a sort of gloss, or a sheen that hangs over a neighborhood that is otherwise fairly ordinary.

The Mission by contrast, VIBRATES.

It bursts with energy and attitude.

color, variety, individuality.

Diversity.  It's a cultural mashup that individualists and adventurers would have to ADORE.

Where else can you visit a divey local joint called "WE BE SUSHI"?  (and would you dare eat sushi there?)

There are plenty of bicycle shops in the Mission and none of the bikes in them seem to be boring, or average.

There seem to be plenty of unusual things hanging from the ceiling in the Mission.  Looking UP isn't always something you do indoors, is it?  It gives you a bit of an Alice Through the Looking Glass sensation.

There is a strong sense of group identity.  Unusual really, in the days we now occupy.

But an agreement not on being uniform or conforming to an outer world's standards, rather, an agreement on things having to be.....

various.  and OTHER.

There is room for giant rodents.  And cuckoo clock collections.  The Mission makes you realize that maybe YOU have always wanted something like these lot sharing YOUR personal spaces.

Mission Picnic says a little something about the lightness of living in this part of San Francisco in this time.

And the lightheartedness that persists in the Mission.

Despite creeping change.

Could gentrification actually succeed in de-personalizing and sterilizing

This most personal of public spaces?????  I DO HOPE NOT.

We need places like the Mission.  Like we need lungs to breath and eyes to see.

We all need a space somewhere in the world to be different.   And together.


Monday, February 1, 2016

The Boy and the World - Gorgeous Brazilian Animation, Maggie Smith is Luminous


Went to see The Lady in the Van last night - anyone else seen it?  Maggie Smith was sublime in it.  So rarely see anything that she's in these days that actually shows off her always-described-as-sublime talent.  But it's very nice. Despite the silly ending, I think it will stick with you.

Before the movie was shown, we got to see a trailer for this Gorgeous Brazilian animated film, The Boy and the World (O Menino e o Mundo) check it out!  More about it here - and actually an even longer music video with more footage from the film.

Oh and of course here's the trailer for The Lady in the Van".  Why would we want to leave that out?

I'm still trying to figure out whether my boy cat is here for good a little longer, or if it's time to do the sad thing - i.e., many Dr. visits yet, pillings and special food.  So please excuse my blog absence.   I think of you always.  xoxo

Monday, January 25, 2016

Saul Leiter - Finding Beauty

Helllllooooooooooo.....!  I'm loving these Saul Leiter photos

that I found in the Guardian over the

weekend.  How was yours?  Snowy?

Funny how these photos look so utterly modern with their

strong graphic qualities, pops of color and wash of neutrals.

"No Great Hurry" a documentary about this photographer came out in 2014 and shows of his work have recently been mounted in Paris, Austria, and now London.  See more here.  And see where I found these photos here.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Little Things That Please My Heart - Dim Sum at Jia, South Kensington, London

Jia!  Happy Weekend!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

Notting Hill - Part Two - Your Personal Style Here!

ALERT: On a completely other subject:  Please have a look at Gesbi's post about the Lyon Textile Museum and adjoining Decorative Arts Museum in Lyon, France, that are under threat of closure this March due to budget cuts.  A petition has been started to keep it open but your signature must be received SOON!   The cutoff date is January 22, 2016.  

I suppose that Portobello Road is the "main event" when one is talking about Notting Hill.  And there certainly is a sort of excitement and thrill of the chase about making your way

down the hill on a Saturday morning with hundreds of enthusiastic shoppers.  It's a spectacle, really

when you consider the people watching to be had and the variety of goodies on offer.  Old, new, beautiful and rubbishy......But can I suggest that you also make time for Notting Hill on a quieter

day.  And that you get off the main streets and away from the crowds.

Along Westbourne Grove, it has pretty much gone over to the chain stores you can find on Regent Street and elsewhere in London.  But on the quiet side streets, a very stylish life is being lived...Notting Hill still being made home by entertainment, arty, and fashion types and a renegade

spirit persists amidst bohemian gentility.

Little shops to cater to your quality of life

and appeal to your love of history.

Reminders that life is for living and for laughing

a little.

That there is a big world of adventure out there.

And that sometimes, the world comes to you.  If you're clever enough to make your home in Notting Hill.  "What is the reason that legions of Italian tourists are thronging the Portobello Road?" you might ask yourself as you elbow past handsome well-dressed families on the cobbled roads.  It might not always be because of their love of British bric-a-brac, but due to the many, many Italian restaurants in the 'hood.  (That's a pizza oven above.)  And the word must have gotten out that they're pretty darn good.  

Don't forget to bring oodles of personal style with you.  Everybody else does!